Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Maize Harvest

Abukari is currently in Germany. He has been away for almost four weeks now. He normally takes care of our vegetable garden but in his absence I am in charge. There is a song in Dutch which says: 'the difficult ploughing and difficult sowing is rewarded by you, oh Lord.' This song often comes to my mind as I try to loosen the very hard soil in the garden. But compared to the work most of my neighbours do in their fields, I have no reason to complain. Currently most of the farmers are busy harvesting and processing their maize. It is quite a job! Some pictures will guide you through the process:

When the maize has been harvested, the husk leaves
have to be removed by hand

The maize is carried to the processing machine which produces a lot of dust!

The maize ears are poured into the machine

The grains are coming out

After the maize has gone through the machine, the ears are checked for
any remaining grains

Before the maize can be ground to flour,
the chaf is sifted by the wind

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